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What makes for a good writer is certain combination of quietude, vigilance, tenacity, and playfulness about words.  Almost all good writers never lose sight of how words and sentences develop their own lives.  Thus, most of them know when to lead.  Sadly, few good writers know how and when to submit and let themselves be led.  Most writers, irrespective of their ability, are careful about space and word count.  The latter, often is the terror which harms potential good writers, because it takes time to learn that less is more.  Most writers are avid readers.  But good writers are avid and selective.  They know that reading bad writing on a good day may lead to good writing, so they approach book as friends and partners, frolicking when joyful and moving on if sorrow becomes too burdensome.  

Almost all good writers understand the value of delete, edit, rewrite, edit. 

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